Valley Assets is a holding company and private advisory.

  • 2004 - founded as a contractor in a small foothill community in Northern California.

  • 2010 - company restructured to focus on asset management.

  • 2014 - company reconstituted in Arizona as a holding company.

  • Today - the firm is nestled in a small foothill town in the American Southwest and focused on investing in next-generation "Main Street" businesses.


We value small local businesses, and have four core values which grow and businesses and their communities.


Demonstrate integrity above all. Earn trust by living our values.


Increase enterprise value through growth and sustainable opportunity.


Bring disciplined planning and execution which lead to growth and value.


Collaborate with and assist small businesses to accelerate to the next level.


Strategy: Invest in, and advise small enterprises.

Here are some industries and business characteristics that meet our investment criteria.


  • Lending
  • Insurance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Home Care
  • Delivery & Freight
  • Route-based Services
  • Real Estate Services


  • "Main Street" business
  • Stable management
  • Growing industry
  • Fragmented market
  • Specialized / niche